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Get to know Trina L. Hanner, CFP®

Trina found her passion in business and finance while in high school. She completed several college courses during that time, allowing her to graduate with a B.S. in Accounting from Indiana University after only three years. She then began to pursue her dream of coaching others on financial matters as she obtained much-valued experience with three accounting and financial planning firms. In 2002, she opened her own practice.

Today, Trina advises individuals in the area of biblically based financial planning as an Investment Advisor Representative with OneAscent, a national RIA firm. She holds her Master’s of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning. Additionally, she has fulfilled the rigorous requirements to call herself a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, has earned the Master Planner Advanced Studies designation, and has completed the requirements for the Certified Kingdom Advisor designation. When asked what is most exciting about her career, Trina often says, “When I am speaking with someone about Biblical financial concepts and I see the light come on!” Whether she is working with a group or an individual, she is most passionate about using her years of experience and knowledge to coach others. Trina is focused on glorifying Christ by way of teaching her clients the biblical truths about good stewardship and investing.

Trina also enjoys public speaking on topics from general cash management to retirement and estate planning. You can schedule Trina to speak on financial matters at your business or civic organization by calling our office.

On a personal note, Trina is a Lawrence county native who has lived with her husband, Doug Hanner, in Northwestern Jackson County for over 25 years. When Trina is out of the office, she enjoys playing music with her husband and two children, Abby and Emmitt. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, bike trips on their Goldwing, and spending time with her horses on their 400 acre, fourth generation family farm. Her husband, Doug, pastors a Cowboy Church at Midwest Trail Ride in Norman, IN and is also the Director for the Southeast Region of Indiana for the Center for Congregations.

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